Texas Southwest Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction
 Church of God In Christ
 Superintendent Joseph Johnson, District Superintendent
​Missionary Alice Davis, District Missionary

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On December 7, 2013, Bishop Geoffrey Stirrup was used mightily by The Holy Ghost today at the luncheon honoring Mother Denny. 

Topic: "Be Strong and Do It"
   1 Chronicles 28:10, 20

He focused on: 1.Proclamation 2.Consecration and 3.Dedication.
As a Result:
   1.Communication 2. Revelation 3. Affirmation 

What was Required:

Wow You Should Have Been There!
What a wonderful fellowship with District Missionary Doris Gentry from Orange TX and District Missionary Gerald Denny; at the luncheon honoring Dist. Msny. Denny.From Left to Right:

We attended West End's luncheon today honoring the elevation of District Missionary Gerald Denny. We had a glorious time. Outstanding job West End!!! We were honored by the presence of our great leader, The Honorable Bishop S. E. Iglehart. The Speaker was Administrative Assistant Geoffrey Stirrup and he... Well you know he was just himself, but The Marriott knows a preacher has been in their presence.
        Superintendent Joseph Johnson and Evangelist Lynette Johnson

Elder Johnnie Evans, the Pastor of Divine Purpose COGIC. Preaching at Healing Temple COGIC Sunday 12/1/13. Theme: "The Absolute Need for a Messenger" Romans 10:15
Pastor Evans told us to Know them that labor among you and esteem them highly, that are over you in The Lord. He said when the preacher preach, that's when the anointing comes. When you yield your members to The Lord, the spirit of The Lord comes in to heal. He admonished us to don't stop praying; for if we stop praying, we loose ground. In everything give thanks for this is the Will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.
Pastor James Lewis and First Lady Janice Lewis at The Healing Temple COGIC; on their 16th Pastor and Wife Anniversary. Don't they look beautiful?
Pastor and First Lady Davidson at The opening of New Life COGIC. Congratulations from the Historical City District Family
August 31, 2014 - Praise & Worship with our family and friends at Joy Temple COGIC -- Guest Speaker Pastor Johnnie Evans Jr, Divine Purpose COGIC; and our extended family Supt. Joseph Johnson and 1st Lady Lynette Johnson/Emmanuel Pentecostal COGIC!!! We had a high time in The Lord today.
Divine Purpose Church of God in Christ
August 30, 2014

We would like to wish First Lady Patricia Evans a Happy Birthday! May God Bless You with Many More! We Love You!
Emmanuel Pentecostal Church of God In Christ
Posted by Joseph Johnson · August 19, 2014

Congress Woman Shelia Jackson Lee presents a Certificate of Congressional Recognition to Bishop Charles Blake and the State of Texas for a 100th Anniversary Celebration in The Church of God in Christ. 
Emmanuel Pentecostal Church of God In Christ
Posted by Joseph Johnson · July 2, 2014

Congratulations to Jasmine, she took First Place in the 9-12th grade division in the National AIM Spelling Bee!! Yeah!!! "Jasmine the Bee"
Women of the Historical City District Family
Superintendent Joseph Johnson
 and the ​Pastors of the Historical City District
District Missionary Ford
and the ​First Ladies of the Historical City District
Men of the Historical City District Family
The District Purity under the leadership of Missionary Shelia Cannon hosted a workshop with over 50 of our youth in attendance. It was Outstanding, the classes, the presentations, the music, the youth speaker... We were especially privileged to have a living legend in our midst in the person of Mr. Nevil Shed. Mr. Nevil Shed played NCAA for Texas Western University. They played the #1-ranked Kentucky Wildcats the National Championship and won. First time in history that the starting lineup was all African-American. This team was said to have changed college basketball- and the nation- forever. Mr. Shed was so gracious to take a photo with me, while allowing me to wear his NCAA Championship ring and his Hall of Fame ring.
The movie "Glory Road", by Walt Disney was based on the true story of Mr. Shed and his team of Texas Western University.